Custom Sodacan Frosty Skateboard 35"- 42"

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This deck is equipped with Bear trucks and our signature wheels, which reduce the risk of wheel bite and give you a smooth and easy ride. Choose between 35" and 42". However, increasing the length from 35" to 42" makes this big brother built for speed. The long, slender body cuts down air resistance, earning its spot as not only our longest board, but our fastest as well. Unlike its wooden ancestors, the Frosty's shape and aluminum construct make it easy to maneuver and nearly impossible to destroy!

You may customize almost every part of this board! Select your favorite wheel color, your deck color, and either upload a picture of the design you want, or work with our amazing artists and designers to produce custom artwork just for your board.


  • Cruising: The design is great for sidewalks, parking lots, or hoping up and down curbs. 
  • Freeride: The deck platform drop holds your feet in position on curves and stand-up slides.
  • Downhill: The deck stiffness and stability makes it great for downhill runs. 


    • Bear Trucks - We use only the best trucks, for optimum maneuverability, safety, and style.
    • Abec 9 Bearings - We use only the best bearings in the construction of our boards so that riders are confident in the safety and durability of their board.
    • Finger Grommet - You stick your fingers in here to help you comfortably carry the board. 
    • End Caps - End caps made from recycled plastic help protect the board from grinding 
    • Laser Cut Grip Tape - We have very advanced custom and stock designs available that are laser cut out of various colors of grip tape to produce eye catching designs. 
    • Durable Powder Coat Finish - Numerous paint colors are available. Which one do you want?



      • 35" or 42" Frosty DTP Deck
      • Bear Trucks
      • Abec 9 Bearings
      • Signature Wheels
      • Laser Cut Grip Tape
      • Recycled Plastic End Caps
      • Rubber Finger Grip Grommets
      • Rubber Vibration Pads
      • "Made in America" Sticker

      *** Custom artwork from our artists and designers may incur an additional charge ***