42" Frosty DTP deck

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42" Frosty DTP Deck


These Aluminum decks are built for for fun loving boarding with less lateral and torsional flex then traditional boards. The low center of gravity makes for easier pushing and greater stability. 

Cruising: The design is great for sidewalks, parking lots, or hoping up and down curbs. 

Freeride: The deck platform drop holds your feet in position on curves and stand-up slides.

Downhill: The deck stiffness and stability makes it great for downhill runs. 

Beginner: The 42" size is great for corners and longboarding. Its Aluminum deck material will be absorb all the torture they grind onto it, and will last much longer than a wood deck. The low center of gravity from the platform drop makes it easier to ride for any level skater. 


The 42" Frosty DTP deck comes with the following features standard:

  • Finger Grommet - You stick your fingers in here to help you comfortably carry the board. 
  • End Caps - End caps made from recycled plastic help protect the board from grinding 
  • Laser Cut Grip Tape - We have very advanced custom and stock designs available that are laser cut out of various colors of grip tape to produce eye catching designs. 
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish - Numerous paint colors are available. Which one do you want?
  • Custom design grip tape is an optional extra ($60.00 above the sale price of a standard deck) that is available for all Sodacan Boards completes and decks. If you want custom designed Grip Tape, be sure you choose that above.


Decide upon a general idea of what you want. After you pay for the order, find a simple line art type image online that matches what you want and send it to us at sales@sodacanboards.com. State that you purchased a custom on the website and give us your invoice or order number. One of our team members will contact you, so make sure you watch your email!

Then the design process begins. Our team will work with you, listening to your ideas and working to make your dream a reality. Once you have approved the design, your board will be built and shipped to you within 2-3 business days.



Length 42"
Width 10.5" at its widest point
Platform 24"
Platform Camber 0.375"
Deck Drop 0.75"
Wheelbase 34"
Profile Tri-Plane Cave
Truck Mount Drop-through trucks

Used as designed and intended our boards are tested by riders in up to 300 lbs.

Every Sodacan Board is hand-made in the U.S.A out of recycled aluminum and plastics. These durable, customizable boards prove that style, comfort and Eco-friendly are the perfect combination for novice and expert riders.